New Auto Rickshaw from TVS

The Chennai-based two-wheeler major, New Auto Rickshaw from TVS has recently declared that the company wants to sell its liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fired three wheels in a number of new licensees in Tamil Nadu. It should be noted that the Government of Tamil Nadu has recently decided that around 8,000 new permits for auto-rickshaw (3100-4900 in Chennai and the rest of the country) in the first phase of his subject.
New Auto Rickshaw from TVS

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With an ambitious plan to take market share from 30% in 18 months after its launch, New Auto Rickshaw from TVS its first two-stroke 200cc auto rickshaw, TVS King launched. Price of around Rs 90 000 rupees. 1.30 lakh product comes with a tray of new accessories bottle of water, the platform of magazines, cell phone charger and FM radio (car, I had thought, FM). The product aims to define the performance characteristics such as energy, pick-up, new safety and fuel economy. One thing I liked the design of the headlights is the double layer near the windshield and not the back, near the front wheel.  

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New Auto Rickshaw from TVS CNG King urges for sale in India.

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TVS Motors has called the three-wheeler segment with the introduction of auto-rickshaw TVS King entered. In an attempt to establish a market share rising domestic demand and exports to capture three-wheeled, gasoline, the Company and CNG rickshaws.  

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TVS King comes with a 200 cc two-stroke engine with less friction. The company has promised to give good mileage and more displacement, with a maximum torque at low engine speeds. The injection should be integrated to improve energy efficiency to be impressive. There is also a possibility, electric start (the normal version - starting hand), but at a slightly higher price.

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After losing the battle of time with technical and legal Bajaj on his new bike, Flame, TVS is again the same bike in salt production, but with a different engine this time.

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The previous CC-VTi engine had two spark plugs and three valves (first exit, the second entry). At low engine speed of only two valves was functional and the third largest (in) started to operate at high speed. Was it due to the use of two spark plugs for the cylinder configuration TVS has been asked by the Madras High Court to stop the sale and production of the flame 125 cc. After Bajaj Auto is a violation of their patent DTSI (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) technology.

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Two headlights, futuristic design, bottle holder, magazine rack, leg room for passengers and the driver are just some of the exciting features of the king. In addition, ICN is a very competitive price, within a level below its competitors. The price varies between Rs King. 90,000 to Rs 1,30,000. 4-stroke version of the King is also in the pipeline.
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