Green GT Le Mans A Super Car Concept

GreenGT is a Swiss automotive company, they recently unveiled the Green GT a full electric concept car. Cristoph Schwarz as the Chief engineer of this race car concept working together with 5 students from CCi du Valenciennois school to designed this cool car for the famous 24 hour Le Mans race in 20011.

Green Gt has two 100 kw electric engine that provide up to 400Hp and 171 mph top speed, this automotive definitely an environmentally friendly race car because of the full electric engineering. The body are made from Fiberglass on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis.
We hope Green GT will become a super electric car that wins the Le Mans race so this car will become an example of environmentally friendly race car. In the future we also hope other auto company will produce more environmentally friendly car to create a greener earth.


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